Skye & Jack are having a snowball fight when Skye's parents pick her up.Skye is then told that her parents are getting divorced,but does not like the idea.Skye talks to Trevor & Jack about her problem,& then go's home.But then Dad comes in & tells Skye that in 3 years she is going to be the age he was when he met Skye's mom & more.(but still does not like the idea.)Then Skye go's off to sleep.Then in her dream when she is 18 & Jack is 18 they are going to court.Jack is on defense,& Skye is on presection.during court' they learn life-long mtyhs,slutions,& more.At the end' Skye tell's everything she wants too know.The next day,Skye & Jack & even Trevor feel better.& then the film ends.mnts:27


Skye. Jack. Dad. Mom. Fuzzball. Britney. Trevor. Mr.Sulavan. Becie. Jace.

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